Paediatric Services

Paediatric ServicesIndividualised and caring Physiotherapy for Children of all ages and abilities.

Co-located with Life Skills 4 Kids Occupational Therapy at the Seventh Day Adventist Church hall in a playful and engaging environment.

Specialised Physiotherapy services provided:

  • Babies and children with delays in their development and achieving their milestones
  • Babies with difficulties turning their head
  • Babies with flat spots on their head
  • Children with difficulty walking & coordination issues
  • Children with knock knees/bow legs and foot issues

For the adolescent:

  • Poor posture and coordination
  • ‘Clumsiness’ or difficulty with sports related skills
  • Age appropriate sports conditioning programs
  • Sports and growing related injuries and issues

NDIS services provided

We are able to see all children who are self-managed or plan-managed under the NDIS.


Some children may be eligible for some services under medicare after referral from their GP, under such circumstances treatment will be partially or fully covered by medicare.

Paediatric Services